About #print

Hash Print Digital Team Adrian (Left), Cheryl (Centre), Jojin (Right)

Print. Design. Innovate.

It all started in 2015 when a Marketing Professional and Web Designer decided to open up shop. The plan was to design and print.

The location was prime but the space was small. This didn’t phase us as we were determined to grow. A year later we had already outgrown the space.

Our relocation onto King William Street in Adelaide’s CBD was a game changer. New products, new printers and attention to detail was key.

Innovation. It came naturally. And this was evident in the quality of our work.

Hash Print Digital started to become more than a print service. We were becoming the reason why business’ were growing by printing memories and brands.

Fast forward to 2019. Our staff has grown. Our abilities have perfected. And our brand has expanded to a second location.

Now we have the capacity to focus on the finer things.

We still offer all the same products and continue to refine our skills.

Hash Print Digital is still helping business’ grow.

Design. Create. Brand.


We design and create brands and bring momentous occasions to life.