Can I have your business card?

Felt Touch Business Cards

It can be awkward. You have just finished telling someone what you do for a living. You have expressed your passion and demonstrated how fantastic your work is- only problem is when asked, you don’t have any business cards!!

Another missed opportunity.

Talking about what you do is not enough, potential clients need to have a point of call- they may not need your services now but in the future your little card may be the shining light they need.

Make your name known. Whether the business is in your name or not, it should be visible. Some people have their name in a larger font and bold to stand out. Even if they forget the business name, they may recall your name and find your details. Your name is your brand.

Make your mark. Be bold. Think outside the square. You don’t have to go the standard boring cards. There are a range of different colour, textures, shapes and sizes that you can choose from. Have a logo designed by a professional to ensure it is unique and something to talk about when you hand it over to them. 

Be prepared always have cards on you. And when your supply is getting low, get in early with another order. This is also the perfect time to revisit the design and update any details as required. 

Check your schedule and set a meeting today.


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