Postcards are wonderful. Looking at postcards is always a pleasure. A few square inch of space can express a lot. This unpretentious piece of card can create positive meaning for different people. Postcards are for keeps. Postcards also enjoy global popularity.

With these qualities, postcards are perfect for marketing. Postcards are marketing tools that offer a range of benefits to businesses.

  1. Postcards do not cost much. Printing a standard postcard costs around 20 to 50 cents per piece for a minimum order of 100 pieces. Standard postcards cost less to mail than letters and parcels.
  2. Postcards are easy to do. Making postcards does not require advanced computer or technical skills. A creative individual can design a postcard manually and have it printed. Graphics software and online tools are also available.
  3. Postcards help build a market. Postcards always bear exciting news. People receiving a postcard are likely to view it, read its message, and look for the sender. They may discard it afterwards, but only after looking at the postcard.
  4. Postcards communicate to customers instantaneously. Postcards are mailed without envelopes. Recipients view the postcard outright upon delivery.
  5. Postcard messages focus on a target market. Postcards are addressed to specific recipients, who are likely to respond to the marketing offer.
  6. Postcards can have an exponential market reach. All the people involved during mailing and delivery also view the postcard.
  7. Evaluation of postcard marketing outcomes is easy. By targeting a specific group, an increase in the visits of people falling under the target market can be an indication of marketing success. Customer surveys can also determine if the postcard motivated customers to visit the firm.
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