Kids birthday parties can be daunting. We all know the feeling. As parents each year when that day comes around for each child the hunt is on for the perfect theme. Out come our phones and its time to remember your Pinterest login.

So the theme is set… but what now? Where do you start when looking for kids birthday party invites?

Lucky for you we have just released a new range of kids birthday party invites. We went for two themes that are interchangeable according to boy or girl and are easy to match colour wise and activity wise. Our new kids birthday party invites will appeal to any child because the themes allow for so much creativity.

Not only can we design and print the kids birthday invites, posters and stickers; we have some tips that will get you through AND look so amazing people will ask who your party planner was.

Working with a safari or galaxy birthday theme makes it quite simple to style. For example having a kids safari birthday theme will be easier to source products than making EVERYTHING match.  Get the kids to do a ‘safari hunt’ and decorations can be a range of animals.

Safari Hunt Kids Invite Package

A Galaxy themed kids party can be just as easy. For example get the kids to decorate styrofoam balls into different galaxies. And put together to create the solar system.

Blast Off Kids Birthday Invite

Kids Invites, posters, tags and stickers:

We have designed each kids invite package so that it can be personalised to each child. With this in mind you can have the traditional games personalised. In addition to the welcome poster why not have a poster printed pin the tail on the lion to match the safari theme. You can even go one further and have additional stickers/tags printed for each child attending to place on the goodie bags themed games.

Safari Hunt Party Favour Sticker and Box

Blast Off Welcome Poster

Blast Off Welcome Poster

Only go to party places if absolutely necessary:

Do yourselves a favour and check out your local $2 shop. You will find a multitude of gems in there! Such as trinkets to put into the goodie bags, gifts for prizes, gorgeous books and more- and you wont pay an arm and a leg.

Bring out your inner crafter:

While at the $2 shop, grab assorted craft goods to decorate your safari or galaxy theme. We find that things as simple as tissue paper can create a little wonderland to match your theme.

Blast Off Party Favour Sticker and Box

Create stations with different activities to keep the kids engaged:

It might only be  couple of hours but kids can get disengaged quite easily. We find that creating stations with activities that match the safari and galaxy theme works really well. It actively involves each child and ensures that parents can actually sit back for a little while while children are enjoying themselves.

Safari Poster

Keep the cake simple:

Make the cake yourself, or of you don’t have time buy the sponge and decorate to suit the theme. Kids don’t care about what the cake looks like they just want to eat cake!!!!

And finally enjoy this time with your little ones, before you know it they will be teens and you will be forbidden from attending said party!

Galaxy Themed Kids Party
Blast Off Invite Package: Includes Invites, welcome poster, party favour stickers or tags and boxes.

Safari Themed Kids Party
Safari Hunt Invite Package: Includes Invites, welcome poster, party favour stickers or tags and boxes.

Cheryl Rabbah