Custom designed posters are an excellent way to reach new customers and spread your message across your area.  A powerful image is crucial for an effective poster- getting a good design that fits your needs makes the poster itself drastically more noticeable and memorable. Why settle for a collage of stock images when you know that a design made precisely to your specifications will work so much better?

Printing posters don’t have to break the bank, either.  A variety of economical sizes are available; A2 (420mm x 594mm) and A1 (594mm x 841mm) posters can be excellent choices for initial, small runs. Once you start having some success with the smaller sizes, it’s time to start working with bigger posters to catch even more potential customers’ eyes.

Posters have been used a lot in the entertainment industry- who hasn’t seen a poster for an upcoming show or a new movie?  Although they have a rich history for music and movies, posters can be just as effective for other types of businesses.

Perhaps even more important than having a good design is picking a good location to place your posters.  Choose your location based on what sort of customer you want to connect with.  If your business is in finance, then make sure to place your posters around financial districts.  You may not be able to post them in banks, so pick areas near where the bankers work.  Coffee shops, convenience stores, even simply walls of nearby buildings can be good spots for your posters.  Ensure that your posting isn’t going to get immediately ripped down.  Check for spots where there are already a few hanging up and get your message out there!

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