In a first from a series of Graphic Designer profiles, we spoke to the lovely Natalie from a Peek of Chic, to talk all things Graphic Design. 

How long have you been a graphic designer?

I have been a graphic designer for 5-6 years. I started my freelance business, A Peek Of Chic mid year 12 in 2016. After school I went straight into University, studying a Bachelor of Communication Design at the University of South Australia. I graduated this three year course in 2019. I continue to work as a graphic designer through my freelance business and I absolutely love it. 


Pictured: A1 PVC Welcome Board (printed directly)

What inspires you?

I find that I am inspired to a variety of things. As well as running A Peek Of Chic, I work at a fashion boutique. I have forever been a fan of fashion and I find inspiration through the ever changing styles and trends that I am surrounded by. Tonal colour pallets and soft textures make me most excited to get creative. I like to keep my designs current and unique. I also find an immense amount of inspiration through the stunning paper stocks and colours that are available, specifically through Hash. 


Pictured: A5 Menus, white ink printed on Curious Matter Ibizenca Sand 270GSM 

One word to describe your design style?

Simplistic yet chic, I can’t exactly pick one. I like to think I have a very simplistic design style and approach to all my work. I find simplicity works best when designing any kind of stationary or branding. The term ‘less is more’ is definitely a moto I swear by. With this in mind, I always try to create unique layouts and find creative ways to communicate what's most important for my client.


Your most challenging design request

To be honest I haven’t experienced any challenging requests thus far. Because I enjoy what I do, I find all types of jobs and requests quite fun. If anything might appear a little challenging I use my creativity skills to work around it and find cool solutions.


What is your favourite thing to design?

I particularly love creating event stationary. Whether it be for a birthday or wedding, creating a specific theme for a whole day event is so cool. The excitement of this generally starts pretty early, as it begins with the Save The Date design. This usually provides guests with a little sneak peak into the feel of the day and what's to come. I look forward to welcome signs, seating charts, food and bar menus and quirky little designs that fill the entire day. The outcome of these events are so rewarding, and make me feel super grateful to be a big part of someone's special day. 


Pictured: A&J Monogrammed Menu Printed on 300GSM matte, Gold Digital Foil finished with matte laminate and rounded corners.

What is your paper go to: Matte or gloss? Textured or smooth? Neutrals or Colour?  

I think this truly depends on the kind of event. For wedding invitation suites I find I usually result to textured paper stocks, as they always appear beautiful and soft. With business cards I find the Soft Touch Matte stock to be most durable and appear the most ‘chic’ and professional. 


Pictured: Soft touch laminate Square Business Cards (55mm x 55mm) printed on 300GSM matte and finished with matte laminate.

With my consistent style and aesthetic, I love a neutral colour pallet. I can never get sick of soft nudes, pastel pinks, browns, whites and rusts. However, I find bold pop colours work amazing when they’re associated with a brand, specifically for a business card design. 


Advice for budding designers/graduates?

A piece of advice I would give budding designers and graduates is to be true to your own style. Try your best to not find inspiration in places where there is no room for your own designs to grow and be appreciated. Being true to yourself and what you create will make your designs that much more unique and recognised. 

Pictured: Vinyl adhesive stickers 

Hardest part of being a graphic designer?

For me, the hardest part of being a graphic designer is being a perfectionist. I find I spend a lot of time perfecting every single detail in my work that completing a simple job sometimes takes me double the time. However I am always happy and confident with the end result, so I suppose this is somewhat bitter sweet.


Advice for anyone planning their wedding re invites etc.

Keeping an open mind and trusting the process. Ensuring that specific details take time, always keep an open mindset and acknowledge the many possibilities in terms of paper and final touches. 


Pictured: Bar Menu printed on 300GSM Full color, finished with soft touch laminate

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I hope to see myself continuing my freelance business, have my own design studio and space where I can design full time.

Images & Graphic Design: Peek of Chic 

Print: Hashprint Digital 

If you would like to speak to Natalie about your upcoming design needs you can reach her at 

Cheryl Rabbah