Are resumes and business cards still relevant and if so, which one is more effective? Both have been around for a long time and there has certainly been a shift in the way both are presented, but what is more likely to get you the job or noticed?

Our theory is that both can be just as good as the other as they each serve a purpose, as long as you follow some simple guidelines and choose the right printer. 

Everyone knows that the key to a good resume is to keep it concise, use keywords, and play to your strengths. From a print perspective what we see is a lot of formatting issues and a lack of attention to detail.

For example, take the time to find the right template that suits your personality, qualifications, and prospective role.

Minimise the time and stress to print at home as even the simplest of formats will print well on our digital printers. 

Edit and re-edit until you have minimised to no more than two pages. And if you are serious about standing out, choose a specialty paper. Of all the resumes and portfolios that we have printed, the ones that were successful did all the above.

When it comes to business cards, essentially the same principles are effective. Clean design, concise and not too cluttered, and in many cases, we have printed matching resumes/portfolios and business cards. The artwork setup is key for printing purposes. A print is only as good as the artwork, so key elements need to be cross-referenced such as:

  • Print-ready PDF file is preferable or a high resolution (300dpi) JPEG file.
  • The artwork should have a minimum 3mm Bleed all around, we don't require crop (trim) marks.
  • 3mm - 5mm Margin. All elements such as Logo, Text, Contact Information must be placed 3 to 5mm from the edge of the Business Card.
  • If you need help with setting up your artwork please let us know, our rates start from $15 / 15 minutes

Again, if you really want to stand out, choose a specialty paper, go for square shape, or laminate, the possibilities are endless, but they should reflect you and your business.

If you are a graduate or looking for a job change, we can help you get it right, just come in or call.

Come and experience the difference and quality of our printers. Our digital press will even make a black and white resume, on the standard paper look and feel amazing.

Mention this post, we will print x2 copies of your resume for free.*

*x2 copies printed on 80GSM, black and white. 


Cheryl Rabbah