It’s back to school time and there is no doubt a plethora of things to get ready. Uniform, shoes, covering books, stationery, lunch boxes, the list goes on and on.

It can get overwhelming so we have put together some tips to help.

  1. Create a checklist for per child and split it up into three parts:
  • Things to buy (eg hat, socks, shoes)
  • Things to remember (eg Label everything)
  • Things to update (eg Medication)

Labelling all of the child’s belongings not only ensures its return if it goes missing- it also allows the child to take ownership of their belongings.

Having customised labels in the colours, themes and fonts that you or our child has chosen makes the experience fun and actively includes the child in the experience. Stickers that highlight any medical conditions are also handy- particularly for the little ones that cant quite articulate for example allergies they may have.

  1. Have the child(s) timetable in a visible area.

This will ensure you and the child is aware of what to expect each day. It is also a handy reminder for those days that you need to remember to add something in their bag e.g. library day. Having the timetable printed and laminated can also allow for notes to be added and removed just get a whiteboard marker!

  1. Homework /chore register

This is an oldie but a goodie, not only does it allow you to keep track of what needs to be done but can double as a reward program. Have the chore/ homework register printed and laminated is the key with a whiteboard marker to make notes.

  1. Individually named fridge magnets

Sometimes there is just too much to add to a calendar. A good tip is to add the title of the event in the calendar (eg Zoo excursion) with the time then add the note to a clipboard fridge magnet with the relevant child’s name. Be sure to add the notes in date order and remove once the said event has passed.

We hope these simple tips help- and from all of us at Hash Print we wish you and your children a wonderful, safe and successful school year!


Cheryl Rabbah