Valentines Day. It comes around every year and you may or may not like to subscribe to it, however it is a great excuse to let someone know you care.

Over the years the meaning of the day has evolved but the sentiments remain the same. It is a great opportunity to have some fun with a loved one, friends or your better half. Don’t limit your sonnets and written word to your life partner- let a friend know they are the B1 to your B2.

We know it can get quite repetitive and boring so we have curated some unique products to suit an array of tastes.

Keep it simple but unique:

Customised mugs with your own spin on words. Mugs are the type of present that you can never go wrong with- if you cant quite find the perfect fit- create your own!

Don’t know what to say?

Never fear- we found mugs that say it for you. Good quality and perfect handle for that hot cuppa.

Are you a true romantic?

You’ve written the perfect sonnet/poem/love letter and it is one for the ages- there is only one thing wrong-you wrote it on scrap paper and you don’t have any nice paper to match its beauty. Check out our gorgeous range of exquisite cards.

Don’t have the best penmanship?

Its ok, we can print it on the card/paper for you- just email your masterpiece through we will print it for you prior to dispatch.

Happy Shopping and we wish you and yours a very Happy Valentines day!

Cheryl Rabbah