A-Frame with 5mm Corflute Inserts

Black Metal A-Frame. Size: 600mm x 900mm with two 5mm Corflute Inserts. The two corflutes are printed single side and are high quality prints suitable for outdoor puposes.


About A-Frames 

Our A-Frame is a simple cost-effective solution for any business. With two 5mm corflutes on both sides, your business will be visible. 

The 600 x 900mm metal frame has been designed for easy transport and unique hinge design to increase the strength. The corflute insert can be simply slid in and out, making it flexible to adapt to your business marketing. 

We want all businesses to succeed, which is the reason why we have economically priced it at $194.95

 A-Frame size 600mm x 900mm


Two single sided printed 5mm Corflute Inserts

Our A-Frame is the perfect size to get noticed without taking up too much room. Perfect for greeting your customers at the door or simple brand awareness. 


Setting up your A-Frame Corflute Artwork

Having the correct artwork setup is key. A print is only as good as the artwork, so key elements need to be cross-referenced such as:
  • Print ready PDF file is preferable or a high resolution (300dpi) JPEG file.
  • The artwork should have a minimum 3mm Bleed all around, we don't require crop (trim) marks.
  • 3mm - 5mm Margin. All elements such as Logo, Text, Contact Information must be placed 3 to 5mm from the edge.
  • If you need help with setting up your artwork please let us know, our rates start from $15 / 15 minutes

Get creative with designing your A-Frame Corflute

There is no textbook right or wrong way to design an A-Frame corflute and often the more creative you are, the better. We offer some design tips below to ensure your corflute insert is the best it can be…

Think visually

Often images are more memorable than text. Too much text can make the card look cluttered, so include only key information on your A-frame corflute insert and select your imagery carefully.

Keep your branding

The corflute insert should be an extension of your existing branding. For example, if you already have a colour scheme on your website, stick to the same colour scheme on your A-Frame corflute insert.

Think of your audience

Always keep your audience in mind as you are creating. What does your audience care about? What are your USPs as a business? The A-Frame corflute insert may be your only chance to connect with a customer so make it impactful.

Need additional Marketing Collateral?

If you are creating an A-Frame to re-brand or launch your company, you may wish to design accompanying products. For example, if you plan to attend a convention, also being able to provide a professional brochure about your company or a calendar as a promotional gift is a great idea.


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